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Why India Has So Few Olympic Medals

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Let me start this article like all the other posts out there.

'India, a land of 1.36 billion people and a landmass that is undermined when it is represented as a flat map.' But, why do we underperform in the Olympics?

Are we weaker than the rest?

No. One look outside your window and you'll realize we come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it be the short stature we need for Gymnasts, Weightlifters, or the bulk we need for Water-polo, Wrestling, or the height we need for Basketball, Volleyball. We have them all.

What about the facilities?

No, a majority of the countries winning medals have sub-par facilities. The Jamaicans and their grass-covered running tracks. The South Africans and their moss-covered swimming pools. U.A.E has one of the best sports infrastructures in the world yet only 2 medals as of yet.

Sports administration?

Oh, come on! If you see the scandals occurring in the International sports bodies like FIFA and IOC and you'll realize a corrupt system is a global issue.

If it's not the Athletes, Stadiums or Ministers then what's the problem?


We as a population have always turned to our white masters for help. Looking for courses abroad, appointing foreign coaches. We don't innovate, expand the pie. We think of getting international certifications, we want to dress and walk like them. Come On!!! No one is going to tell us their secrets they want medals too. Techniques passed down to us as the latest are easily a decade old.

We have to develop our own methods. Training(both physical and mental), Diet, Recovery, should all be indigenously developed, I don't mean by looking at the past. We have to put our thinking caps on and Jugaad(innovate)!! What works for our population right now will do.

Coaches make your own path.

It is for that reason I have started Wild Swim. A project designed and implemented by me for my neighbourhood. At Wild Swim, innovation cannot be stifled.

I'll leave you with this indigenously developed Motorbike.

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