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Coach Talk: Be Wild, Swim Free

As a parent it might be very tempting to see your kid at the top of the podium, a champion at a young age, a prodigy.

But at what cost you ask?

The external pressure their support system is putting on them will cause burnout and mental health issues. Prodigiousness in childhood is not a strong indicator of later success.

Forbes 30 under 30, Byju's are all examples of marketing the rat race. It's important to turn a blind eye to this.

When your child pursues their passion, it is our responsibility to be very sensitive and practice extreme restraint. As a coach I take great care that they are at the steering wheel of their development and don't interfere in their learning process, even though I might be incentivized to show great results. I will not go down that rabbit hole so as parents, should you? Please don't burden them with extra-curricular activities.

Be patience and initially it might take time to get them get them to find their bearings. Once they get going there is no stopping them it's better this way.

Our Coaches at Wild swim create the environment and opportunities to learn new Skills. We are not there to instill fear as this will stifle character. Adults and kids will learn to enjoy the water. An Individual not driven by fear but passion will dictate if the individual finds fulfillment in their field, but that's when they reach adulthood. till then let them be wild, play free. Parents! we have an amazing adult's swim course as well. why don't you sign up for classes.

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