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Swim Gear and How to Buy Them

As a coach I commonly see swimmers carry and wear wrong gear all the time. Read on to know which kit to carry or to double-check if you are carrying the right kit currently.

Swim Costume

A good swimwear should be well fitting, shouldn't move underwater and should be long lasting. Swimwear being a fashion statement can be optional.

Westerners figured out long ago that minimal clothing for swimming is the most comfortable. Excess clothing will move and catch water, making swimming cumbersome and uncomfortable. Polyester is the best material for swimsuits, avoid going for other blends and materials.

To the Indian swimmers and sentiments, I would suggest that you wear the most minimal amount of clothing you are comfortable with. There are few good retail outlets in Chennai where you can try on your swimwear. Good examples of swimwear for men and women are displayed in the mood board below.

Swimwear Care: Always air dry your costume in the shade, away from direct sunlight and clean it occasionally using detergent.

Retail Outlets to Shop:

Swimwear for Men

Swimwear for Women

Swim Cap

A swim cap contributes to cleanliness of the swimming pool more than anything else. Swimming without a swim cap will lead to your hair dumping oil in the pool, causing the cleaning chemicals in the water to be less effective. So please wear a swim cap to save your hair from getting bleached and dry, and also to reduce the workload of your friendly pool maintenance team.

I find most caps are manufactured to suit Caucasian hair and are tight fitting and uncomfortable to thick Indian hair. Hence, most caps won’t sit in place or will cause a headache. The cap most suitable for you depends on the amount of hair you carry on your head. A cap that is between firm and too soft will work for the majority, it’ll prevent the cap from coming off.

Tip: When taking a shower, please rinse your hair before putting on the cap so that the chlorine water from the swimming pool will not get into your head. Avoid wearing clips and tying your hair instead tuck in the excess hair into the cap after putting it on your head.

Swim Cap Care: Rinse using tap water and wipe dry after every use, or you’ll see fungus spots on your swim cap real soon.

Swim Goggles

I cringe every time i see someone dive into a swimming pool wearing a water sport or scuba goggles only to see it float to the surface before the swimmer does. People always buy goggles judging comfort over function on land. Bigger, bulky goggles tend to leak and come off on every sudden movement you make in the water.

Pick goggles that have a very small profile and adjustable nose clips. The nose clips are usually responsible for how comfortable your goggles are. If you are an experienced swimmer, you can switch to Swedish Goggles that are small, extremely adjustable and incredibly comfortable.

Swim Goggle Care: Carry a sunglass case in your swim bag and store your goggles in them to prevent scratches on the lens.

Additional Equipment

  • Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during a swim session

  • Soap or Body Wash to scrub off after a swim session

  • Towel to dry yourself

  • Wet bag to store your wet towel and swimsuit in your swim bag Swimming Pool Pouch 3L Blue White (

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K Madhuri Narayan
K Madhuri Narayan
Nov 01, 2022

Extremely useful tips! Thanks for putting this together.

Sharath Mukundan
Sharath Mukundan
Nov 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank You Madhuri.

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